Employee Benefits

TSKB takes the sustainability of and its leadership in its investment and development banking business lines into the domain of employee benefits by successfully setting up and implementing superior fringe benefit systems for its personnel.

Since 1994, TSKB-established foundations have been operating pension schemes that provide the bank’s employees with retirement conditions that are superior even to those of the national private pension system that has been in operation in Türkiye since 2002 and provides a second-tier addition to publicly-funded schemes. Under TSKB’s system, retired personnel are paid a retirement bonus and pension benefits; they are also entitled to medical coverage in contractually designated hospitals for as long as they live. The same entitlements accrue to qualifying beneficiaries in the event of an employee’s death.

Because TSKB’s headquarters are located on the European side of the Bosphorus quite close to the Kabataş pier, the bank makes effective use of sea transportation for its employees living on the Asian side. Thanks to the arrangements which the bank has made, these employees can travel between the two shores in just eight minutes, thereby reducing their transportation-generated carbon emissions in line with TSKB’s eco-friendly banking mission. The bank also provides vehicular transportation services for all of its headquarters personal living on both sides of the city.

There is a cafeteria at the headquarters building in which lunch is served for personnel.

TSKB employees enjoy all statutorily-mandated leave benefits. In order that they may spend more time with their families on special days, employees are also entitled to paid leave when a spouse gives birth and when a son or daughter gets married.

To foster employee team spirit and to promote in-house communication among personnel, football, rowing, and table tennis teams whose members are TSKB employees represent the bank at corporate tournaments both in Türkiye and abroad.

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