Human Resources Policy

Employees are TSKB’s most precious asset. TSKB continues to advance confidently towards its objectives with employees who are broad of vision, are pointed out as examples of professional expertise in the market, endeavor to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations, and are open to further improvement.

Our Human Resources Policy

TSKB engages in an ongoing effort to ensure that it is in full compliance with the United Nations Global Compact and with the legal framework and laws and regulations governing human and labor rights in Türkiye.

TSKB strives to provide its employees with a progressive, equal-opportunity workplace environment that is mindful of human rights and encourages participation. In order to safeguard the bank’s continuous development and advancement, it seeks to ensure the sustainability of working conditions that reward success, give importance to training, and encourage personal improvement and initiative-taking.

TSKB opposes any and all forms of both compulsory and child labor not just in Türkiye but throughout the world. It supports initiatives that seek to combat such illegal practices.

TSKB abides by a human resources policy that is rooted in diversity and equality of opportunity. The fact that more than half of TSKB’s total workforce is female and that a large number of women hold senior management positions at the bank is the most telling indication of the bank’s commitment to that policy.

For years TSKB has taken the approach of “creating a TSKB family” and “training its own managers itself”. In keeping with this approach, the bank targets “recent university graduates who have management potential and who want to be a part of TSKB” when recruiting new personnel.

To ensure continuity and sustainability of the management, a succession plan is in place at the Bank. With the aforementioned plan, it is aimed to prevent any malfunction in the management of the Bank resulting from position changes.

The Bank, which continues to develop mechanisms to include employees into decision-making processes, receives employee feedback via committee activities as well as periodic surveys. Besides, the Bank has also put “HR Representatives” project into practice since 2017.

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