Training & Development at TSKB

TSKB stands by its employees at all times with training programs designed to meet the unique needs of its specialized banking.

TSKB engages in a variety of training and similar activities in order to develop the technical, professional, and personal knowledge and skills of its employees. The underlying goal of all employee training programs is to support fulfillment of the bank’s business strategies.

Both orientation training and a coaching system are used to help newly-hired TSKB personnel to adapt to the bank as quickly as possible.

Management trainee programs are conducted for recently-graduated university students who have been hired by the bank. These are long-term programs designed to prepare management trainees for careers in development and investment banking by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they will need.

For the bank’s existing and more experienced personnel, specialized training programs are provided to help them cope with the business strategies and other requirements of their positions. In addition to such training, they also take part in various other programs designed to support their personal development and management skills. A TSKB Training Catalogue sets out the core competencies that the bank requires. This catalogue is used to support personnel in areas in which they are in need of improvement. During individual performance evaluation meetings between employees and supervisors, competencies are assessed and the kinds of training needed for further progression are identified. The TSKB Training Catalogue is applicable to all bank employees.

To prepare its managers for the future, TSKB conducts a “Gelişim Atölyesi” (Development Workshop) program that has been specially designed for all management personnel. In training programs based on TSKB core competencies, the primary focus is on managers’ personal development. Managers are also provided with training so that they may improve themselves in such areas as management skills, performance management, and similar competencies.

In addition to all of these training programs, the bank also provides personnel with opportunities for extramural training and traineeship positions both in Türkiye and abroad.

TSKB provides its employees with the following opportunities for training:

  • Management trainee programs
  • Technical & professional training
  • Personal development training
  • Motivation training
  • Management skills training
  • International training
  • On-the-job training and rotation

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