Our Priority Is Environment

Under “Our Priority Is Environment”, a social responsibility project that has been running since 2007, TSKB plays an active role on environment and sustainability platforms through the various activities that it organizes and the sponsorships that it undertakes. This project is carried out so as to foster awareness of environmental issues especially in the business and academic communities.

cevreciyiz.com , a website that was originally launched as part of this project and whose interface and content were renewed in June 2014, is Türkiye’s most comprehensive environment portal. It provides access to a rich array of information, exclusive interviews, and other resources on such matters as business world sustainability activities, energy efficiency, eco-friendly design, alternative energy sources, sustainable business ideas, and so on. The portal also contains information gleaned from around the world about eco-friendly consumption trends, current environment-related news, and innovative issues such as examples of green architecture as well as a timeline of events.

By bringing together all interested parties in environmental issues, cevreciyiz.com aims to create new platforms, to increase public awareness and knowledge, to support positive and enduring behavioral changes in people, and to be a source of inspiration for a sustainable business world by drawing attention to successful practices.

TSKB also engages in efforts to foster greater awareness of energy and resource efficiency. Its www.tskbenerjiverimliligi.com portal has been serving as an important source of information about energy efficiency ever since its launch in 2011. Its tskbresourceefficiency.com portal has been serving as an important source of information about resource efficiency ever since its launch in 2016.

“Our Priority Is Environment” project timeline

  • Turkey’s most comprehensive environment portal www.cevreciyiz.com (since 2007)
  • NGOs & Nature Day (2007)
  • Mimar Sinan University Sculpture Competition (2007)
  • TSKB Environment Conferences (2008-2009)
  • Various environment, energy, and sustainability-issue sponsorships (since 2008)
  • Turkey’s environment-themed video portal www.cevreciyiz.tv (since 2008)
  • Rüzgarın Kanatları book project (2010)
  • Turkey’s energy efficiency portal www.tskbenerjiverimliligi.com (since 2011)
  • Sustainability Workshops for university students (since 2011)
  • ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases Emissions Certificate is granted.(2012)
  • Sustainability Measurement Workshop, TSKB brought university students and business world representatives together for the second time.(2013)
  • www.cevreciyiz.com renewed (2014)
  • Expanded access to www.cevreciyiz.com content from social media services (2014)
  • Turkey’s resource efficiency portal www.tskbresourceefficiency.com (since 2016)

Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma BankasıTurkey’s comprehensive environmental portal cevreciyiz.com is supported by TSKB.