Sustainability Workshops

A sustainability literacy program for university students

Under the heading of “Sustainable Banking”, TSKB is expanding the scope of the ways in which universities and private-sector concerns cooperate with each other. Since 2012, the bank has been conducting “Sustainability Workshops”. This is the first sustainability literacy program in Türkiye that brings academicians and the representatives of private-sector firms together with those who are university students today and will be the leaders of tomorrow.

In its efforts to foster a better understanding of sustainability and to increase awareness of its importance, in 2012 TSKB held its first “Sustainability Measurement Workshop”, a private-sector/university collaboration to which the bank’s Escarus subsidiary contributed presentations of its measurement methodology and case-study analyses.

Students taking part in these workshops are separated into teams, each of which examines a different case study. In their analysis, the students are provided with guidance on quantification by a team leader chosen from a private-sector practitioner with experience in such matters. At the conclusion of each workshop, the findings are interpreted and the input data, methods, and results are assessed.

The bank plans to conduct one sustainability measurement workshop every year. Common to every workshop is a focus on three main issues: measurement, multidimensionality of view, and teamwork.


At its 2014 Sustainability Workshop, TSKB brought together the business and academic circles within the scope of the private sector - university cooperation to discuss sustainability for the third time at METU.

Subject : Sustainable Energy Management
Date : 6 December 2014
Location : METU Congress and Cultural Center

Participants: 53 junior and senior students from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering of METU, Business Administration and Engineering Communities of METU, academic at Faculty Member of the Department of Business Administration at METU acting as the consultant and moderator, TSKB and Escarus managers.

Students in 9 different groups from various disciplines had the opportunity to work on a case study in the field of Sustainable Energy Management and examine various perspectives of sustainability.


At its 2013 Sustainability Measurement Workshop, TSKB brought university students and business world representatives together for the second time.

Subject : Energy Efficiency
Date : 17 April 2013
Location : TSKB Cennet Bahçesi Training & Culture Center

Participants: More than forty students from different universities, thirteen private-sector representatives, and four academicians took part in a workshop during which representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (General Directorate for Renewable Energy), energy efficiency and climate change officers from EBRD, and TSKB and Escarus managers shared, with the professionals of tomorrow, their knowledge, expertise, and practical experience concerning energy efficiency issues.

During the case-study phase of the workshop, leading business world representatives and TSKB specialist engineers coached the students as they studied and analyzed an example of an energy efficiency project


At the first TSKB Sustainability Measurement Workshop, which was held in 2012, participants explored ways in which to interpret the concept of sustainability in parallel with an approach that collects, processes, and displays current data and which bases decision-making on the results of that process.

Subject : Sustainability Measurement
Date : 15 November 2012
Location : TSKB Cennet Bahçesi Training & Culture Center

Participants: The first TSKB Sustainability Measurement Workshop was attended by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning officers, Sabancı University (Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences) academicians, and ten private-sector representatives. A “Sustainability Measurement” study was conducted in which the forty students attending the workshop were provided with individual guidance by TSKB and Escarus managers.

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