The Lending Process

We employ teams of financial analysts, sectoral specialists, and engineers in order to undertake detailed studies and analyses of our customers’ company structures, projects, and projections about the future. Through the recommendations and solutions that such teams propose to address the potential issues and shortcomings they have identified, we become part of a virtuous circle that directly increases our business partners’ future returns.

Loan Application
Financial Analysis
  • Profitability
  • Funding Creation
  • Financial Structure
  • Risk Analysis
Economic Analysis
  • Products
  • Supply & Demand
  • Competition
  • Sales & Marketing
Technical Analysis
  • Location
  • Equipment Pool
  • Technology
  • Products
  • Capacity & Workforce
  • Management
  • Investment Plan
  • Cost
  • Environmental Impact
  • Appraisal Value
  • Investment Amount
  • Cost
  • Production Capacity
  • Sales Amount
  • Unit Price
  • Model
  • Working Capital
  • Financing Structure
Finance Model Structured Specifically For Investment

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