Occupational Health and Safety

Standing by you for your Occupational Health and Safety investments.

We support the investment projects that prioritize the health and safety of your workforce which builds the future of our country, and eliminate the risks in working life.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) investment projects

  • Dust filters and ventilation investments
  • Renovation and modernization of current equipment causing OHS risk
  • Fire security, detection and extinguishing investments
  • Investments for online gas and particles detection
  • Rescue chamber investments for emergency cases
  • De-dusting investments
  • Cement plants, foundries, steel production plants, concrete plants...
  • Field investments for security
  • Security fences, handrails and guardrails, warning signs, lights and signals, security paving, security platforms, grounding, lightning rod...
  • Investments to improve workers' welfare
  • Improving hygienic conditions, lighting and ventilation systems, construction and renovation of dressing rooms
  • Storage and waste repository
  • High-risk, oxidizing, explosive, flammable substances
  • General and special prevention investments for the of production process safety
  • Noise avoiding & proofing investments in facilities over 80dB
  • Personal protective equipment investments
  • Helmets, ear protector, protective clothing, specialshoes...
  • Investments for protection against the moving parts of machinery
  • Renovation and modernization of risk-bearing systems and installations
  • Automation investments for risky manual processes

Exclusive financing model for Occupational Health and Safety Investments

  • Private sector companies operating in Türkiye
Project Assessment
  • TSKB's technical consultancy tailored for the investment during the lending process
OHS Risk Assessment
  • Determining legal compliance for OHS investments through risk assessment form and surveys
Technical Support
  • Analyzing the financial, economic, technical and environmental aspects of the potential investment project
  • Financing model with a tailored structure for the investment

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