Women Employment

We empower those who trust in women's power

The qualified development of our country is only possible through the participation of women, who constitute half of our country's population, in all industries creating added value for the economy all around Türkiye.

We support all investment projects of companies that respect gender equality and provide equal opportunities as well as creating awareness through women-friendly practices and we empower those who trust in women’s power.

Women-friendly companies

  • A goal to maintain a high rate of womenemployees
  • Gender equality and equal opportunities in matters such as recruitment, performance and promotion
  • Equal opportunities in training and professional capacity building
  • Mechanisms supporting the balance between work life and family life
  • Increasing representation of women in senior/middle management
  • Representation of women employees in committees
  • Facilitating and enabling practices such as transport, kindergarten and breast-feeding room
  • Awareness-raising activities on gender equality

Women's participation in labor force, ensures high added value for companies and the national economy

  • Labor productivity and employee engagement are enhanced
  • Decision-making processes become more effective
  • Access to new market opportunities is improved
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations is ensured

Women-friendly investment loan

  • Investment projects that comply with sustainability criteria of companies operating in Türkiye, supporting women's employment and observing gender equality at workplace
Project Assessment
  • Analyzing the financial, economic, technical and environmental aspects of the potential investment project
Gender Equality Toolkit
  • A self-assessment and action plan toolkit for companies to identify policies and practices on women's employment and gender equality at work
Technical Support
  • Exclusive training, consultancy and awareness-raising projects for companies by TSKB during the lending process
  • Financing model with a tailored structure for the investments

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