Other Credit Products

We help firms achieve business and operational continuity through the complementary corporate banking instruments that we can supply.

Wholesale Banking & SME Financing

We are the leading practitioner of wholesale (apex) banking in Türkiye. In our capacity as an apex bank, we work through banks, leasing companies, and factoring companies in order to indirectly fund investment projects undertaken by small- and medium-sized enterprises all over the country.
After being evaluated and financed according to criteria stipulated by international funds, SMEs are enabled to undertake investments in projects in many different areas ranging from technology upgrades to capacity expansion and from energy efficiency to environmental protection.

Foreign Trade Finance

We enhance the global competitive strength of our customers who are active in foreign trade through financing and guarantee options that are structured according to their exact needs.

Country (ECA) Credits

We offer advantageous export agency credit solutions for importing companies for equipment purchase financing in which parties are insured against country risk.

Working Capital Finance

We ensure the continuity of business activities by providing customers with the working capital they may need during the investment stage.


In our capacity as a development and investment bank, we are authorized to finance investment projects’ machinery & equipment purchases through leasing.

Letter of Guarantees / Counter Guarantees / Letter of Credits

We expedite the export and import trade transactions of our clients as well as their domestic purchases and sales transactions.

Export Credits / Eximbank Aval Loans

We provide special credits for export transactions of our clients.

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