Mergers & Acquisitions

During the course of an M&A project for our clients, we deploy our unrivalled experience, our extensive relationship network, and our deep sectoral knowledge both to identify the most appropriate partnership model as well as prospective partners and to manage the ensuing process in the most effective way possible.

Partnership Models

Strategic Partnerships:

Strategic partnerships involve a relationship between a company and a domestic and/or international firm that is engaged in the same, in a similar or complementary business lines. Owing to their nature, strategic partnerships are long-term undertakings of which the aim may be to create synergies, to tap into another firm’s financial resources, to gain access to different markets, to benefit from the counterpart’s technological knowledge and experience, and/or similar benefits that entail a non financial angle.

Financial Partnerships:

Financial partnerships involve a relationship between a firm and a source of private equity or venture capital that wants to invest in it. This kind of funding is typically provided for reasons such as enabling a firm to accelerate/enhance business plans and speed up investments, to enhance value through increased institutionalization and corporate governance that incorporate better and more transparent management practices as well as through restructuring of the business. Financial partnerships by their nature tend to be of limited duration, with the investor exiting the company at some point, usually in the vicinity of 5 years from entry.

Consultancy Services For Sellers

  • Identify strategies and plan processes.
  • Determine the company’s value.
  • Formulate the technical, financial, and legal aspects of the partnership model.
  • Prepare presentation.
  • Initiate contacts with potential partners.
  • Coordinate with sub-consultants to create the groundwork for negotiations.
  • Engage in detailed negotiations with potential partners.
  • Review and assess offers.

Consultancy Services For Buyers

  • Oversee the acquisition process.
  • Undertake analyses and assessments.
  • Present binding and non-binding offers.
  • Provide acquisition financing support both during and after the acquisition.

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