Economic Research

Access is provided from these pages to the bulletins, reports, and periodic reviews published by the Economic Research Department, which has extensive experience of such issues as sector and market analyses and firms’ standings.

Economists' Take (April 2022) Sustainable Food Systems Theme Report (March 2022) Climate Review (January-March 2022) TSKB Development Insights: Deepening Gender Inequality in a Transforming World Economists' Take January 2022 Energy Outlook 2021 TSKB Development Insights: Digitalization and Green Tech Climate Review (October-December 2021) TSKB Adaptation Theme Study Report TSKB Development Insights - Food Security : The Present and Future of Our Food TSKB Development Insights: Tourism's Role in Climate Action Climate Review (July-September 2021) The European Version of a Green Deal: A Step to Shape the Climate Agenda Setting Sail for a Greener World in the Pandemic Storm TSKB Development Insights: Leapfrogging Ahead: The Role of Development Banks in Structural Transformation TSKB Development Insights: Catalyst for Sustainable and Inclusive Development: Youth Empowerment Climate Review (April-June 2021) TSKB Development Insights: An Uncertain Future for Women? A Glimpse Into the Risks of the Pandemic and Climate Crisis Climate Review (January-March 2021) Energy Outlook 2020 Climate Review (October-December 2020) In Search of Transformational Recovery Increasing the Resilience of Türkiye Under the Covid-19 Pandemic TSKB Development Insights: Building Long-Term Prosperity Through Investing in Women's Skills Sector Overview: Energy TSKB Development Insights: Employment Priority Regions Electricity and Renewable Energy Sector Notes Natural Gas Sector Notes Oil Sector Notes TSKB Development Insights: Trickle-down financing as an alternative to direct finance of SMEs TSKB Development Insights: Forced March to the Future: R&D and Innovation TSKB Development Insights: Paving the Way for Women to Enter the Labor Force TSKB Development Insights: Water Is the Next Diamond Sector Overview: Energy 2018 TSKB Development Insights: The Inevitable Road to Sustainable Tourism TSKB Development Insights 2018

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All of the figures and other information provided in the “Economic Research Department” section of this website have been collected and compiled by Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. from sources which are believed to be trustworthy and valid. It is being provided solely for informational purposes and without expectation of any material benefit. We do not guarantee the accuracy of such figures and information; neither are we providing it with the intention of securing any benefit or return. Interpretations and projections based on information obtained from trustworthy international, national, and sectoral sources as well as from official agencies reflect our opinions at the time such information was received. Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası A.Ş. cannot be held responsible for any losses that may be sustained on account of errors and omissions in such information

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